1. Connect with Tenda's WiFi Name

2. Now it's connected
3. Open any browser. for example Google Chrome

4.Type ip address on browser
5. Just click Next button

6. Click Next again

7. Put your SSID Name or WiFi Name and WiFi Password.Note: better follow this format for WiFi's Name : getslurp.com/iPadPOS/{your-outlet-name}
and password can be any password you want.
8. Click Next button once it done

9. Router will reboot

10. Connect back with WiFi's Name you created just now

11. Refresh back you broswer and it will look like this for Tenda Interface
12. Scroll down and find Administration tab, put the router password

13. Change LAN IP to to communicate with the printer
14. Then Click OK, System will reboot again

15. Rebooting...

16. When you refresh the browser, it will prompt to put the router password and click Login

17. Setup router done and can connect with the iPad and printer