Hi, This section covers some basic ordering skills.

Starting learn to begin the shift,taking order,put modifier,accept payment until closing.

Begin the Shift

Every transaction need begin with the Shift. If not, you will never do any Transaction


1.  Tap on the Message to make it disapper

2. Enter pin code and click 'Open Cashier'

3. Put the opening amount/float money & tap 'Open Cashier' again

4. Now tap on 'X' mark to go to Dashboard!

5. The real work starting now, tap on table number belong to customer

6. Put the Pax number & tap DONE

7. Select Item based on Customer's Order

8. Make a mistake? Tap on 'X' beside item name in cart to remove

Item With Modifier

Some people use term Modifier, some use as remarks!

1. Tap the menu on the item in item cart

2. Select the modifier & tap Done

2. No preset modifier? Do not panic! Here we provide you custom modifier base on what you have. Tap on 'Add Modifier'

3. Put the name & price if have

4. Tap 'Done' once everything okay

5. Tap on Green Button for Submit Order

Complete the Sale

1. Tap on the table

2. Tap on 'Finalize Bill'

3. Select the Amount cash customer given, tap Cash to confirm and tap Check Out

4. The balance will show on this panel

End the Shift

1. Tap on the profile above Dashboard

2. Tap on Message to hide and put Cashier pin code. Then tap on End Shift button

3. Put the amount then click End Shift

4. The EOD Report will printed on printer