Hi Slurp Merchants.

Starting on 1st of June 2018, all registered businesses are required to update their GST amount from 6% to 0%.

To help you do so, we have listed a step-by-step guide.

NOTE: Please do this ON 1st June 2018.
Disclaimer: Slurp! will NOT be responsible for any changes you make BEFORE 1st June 2018

1. Login to our back end at cloud.getslurp.com and put your E-mail and Password and click Sign In button

2. Directly go to Settings > Currency & Taxes

3. At GST box, you need to change from 6 to 0 (without percentage mark)

4. Click Save

5. Open your SlurpCentral app

6. Go to Profile

7. Click on System Control 

8. Click Update Settings wait until it say All Done (you need internet data to make sure all data is sync well)

9. Kill App by double click home button and reopen back SlurpCentral. Here we go, GST amount turn to 0%

Here the video if full step:


Question : At the moment my menu prices are inclusive of GST If once GST is set to 0%, will the Slurp system automatically recalculate the menu price ?( that is without GST )

Answer: Nope. The owner need to change manually the price by following a few steps. Click HERE