1.Open your browser (Ex. Safari)

2. Type on the address bar, getslurp.com/central/2

3. Click 'Tap Here to Install...."

4.  Click Install

5. Go back to homepage and you will see the app now downloading and installing

6. You will might have difficulty to open SlurpCentral once done, please proceed to this step: 

Assign Slurp As Trust Application

7.  Click Allow to allow Slurp! send any notification further

8. You have two choices, want to setup/sign in using your email and password backend or using Device Code. Device code you can get at the backend cloud.getslurp.com, Settings > Devices, Click on your Outlet Name.

9. It will bring you to Welcome Back page after done click Setup

10. Click System Control button

11. Click Central Backup

12. Start this step, you need call us from support team

12. Touch on the number panel to open cashier

We are done for quick setup for SlurpCentral. Please look into for Adding the printer, Tables, and receipt configuration