1.Go to the Safari

2. Type the  link getslurp.com/cds/  to downlond Slurp CDS

3. Click the Download Slurp CDS

4. Click Install

5. Then withing  the installing 

6. Click The Slurp CDS to open 

7.Next out the Unstrusted Enterprise Developer and click "Cancel"

8. Go the setting then General >Device Management> and click  The Trust "Terato Tech Sdh Bhd"

9. Click "Trust"

10. Click the ''Ipad icon" with Outlet name and Ip Adderss

11. Then out The "Welcome To Slurp Cafe"

12. Go the Central and take order 

13 Click the  Finalize Bil

14. Customer can see the order with CDS

15.Back the central>click Cash > and Check Out

16. Customer can see the finalize bill

17. Then Thank You