2.  If you are using an older version, you will need to update it

1. Tap on Central Backup to save your data as backup in Dropbox.

2. Tap on Update Central to update Slurp Central 2 app to the latest version.

3. A notification for slurpCentral will appear. Tap Install.

4. Tap on the Slurp Central V2 app to start installation. Wait for it to fully load and install in your Ipad. Once it is fully loaded, the Slurp Central V2 is ready to be used.

5. Go to a browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, etc.) and enter the URL : cloud.getslurp.com . You will have access to your account in Slurp Cloud V2. Enter your email address and password, and click Sign In. Then click on Taxes & Charges.

6. Click on Create Tax.

7. Fill in the blanks and click Save as shown below:

8. Click on Outlets.

9. Choose the outlet that you want to apply Service Tax (i.e. Outlet  1).

10. Click on Taxes.

11. Click on Assign Tax.

12. Click on Service Tax under to select tax.

13. Go back to Slurp Central V2 and tap on Update Settings.

*Note: Every time you update data in Cloud, please Update Settings in Central.