1.Open Cashier

Click at the button in the red box or Plus sign '+'. 

Then, click ‘Open Cashier’. User will now enter the value of the float cash.

2. Time Attendance

Click the clock button and enter staff’s password.

·  Click ‘Clock In’ button to record the arrival time.

· Click ‘Clock Out’ button to record the end time.

3. Make Order

· Go to your Dashboard or Layout.

· Select customer table

1. Select how many person/pax

2. Select Done

 1. Select the category/tag
2. Select the menu customer order 
3. Check the order
4. If you done, click Confirm Order

4. Finalize Bill

 · Select table who customer want to pay

1. If customer want customer copy, press that label 1

2. Then, click Finalize Bill

1. Select the amount that customer give

2. Select Cash

3. Then, Click Check Out.

Tips: If customer pay exactly, just click Cash and Check Out.

1. The change popup will come out. If customer/you want print again the receipt, just click Print Receipt.

2. If want to close, more easy click side of iPad.

5. End Shift

1. Go to your Dashboard > Up there, click the person/profile

· Select the cashier name that have crown and put the cashier pin.

                                                                                                                                    1. Click End Shift or

2. If you enter the float money at Open Cashier, you must select Cash Out first! Then you click End Shift.

· After you Click End Shift, Select the amount(your sales) in the cash drawer

· Put the amount, and click OK.

The report will generate on SlurpCentral and also will generate on the printer.