1.  Go to Menu.

2.  Create your inventory menu | same with 'How to Key in Menu' :

3.  Click + New Tag 

4.  Put tags name as "INVENTORY"
5.  Click + New Menu 

6.  Put the MENU'S NAME eg. 'Name' (INVENTORY) , PRICE (Put "0" price), SELECT TAGS (In "INVENTORY" Tags)

7.  Hidden Menu in "INVENTORY" Tags (Click "Active" in Availability Tab and Click Update Item

8.  Also hidden INVENTORY Tags ( Click the pencil icon in Tags Tab , Click "Hide" in Category Status and Save , Click Update Tags) 

9.  Go to Menu 

10.  Click Inventory Receiving

11. Click + New Supplier (Put New Supplier Name's and Create)

12. Click + New Receiving ( Put Invoice Number , Select Item "INVENTORY" , Add Stock : Put the quantity for the stock  and Click Add )

13. Go to Menu

14. Go to your inventory menu 

15. Click Standard in Inventory Mode to able the Recipe Mode

16. Select the Menu Inventory

17. Put the Quantity for your item inventory, Click Add and Save