1. Go to Menu

2. Click Download Menu

3. Save to your directory

4. Open excel file

5. For make it easy to edit, we need to filter by category

6. After done edit, Save excel file

7. Click Upload Menu Button

8. Find your file

9. Press Upload

1. Login to our back end at cloud.getsurp.com and put your email and password then click Sign In button.

2. Directly click Menu/Item button.

3. Click Download Menu button.

4. Open Menu/Item file that you have downloaded. You need click Enable Editing to continue to edit.

5. You need select on the 1st column and select Fitlter 

6. Then you click on drop-down icon and select the Tag you want.(it depend on you which column you want to filter) and click OK

7. Then you can chance the price

8. Then you can go to second tag and click OK


9. After then, you can click save

10. Go back to to cloud.getslurp.com > click on Upload Menu button > Select the edit file excel > click Upload

10. Update Settings in your SlurpCentral and you're done!