Let's say you have 2 or more outlet with Slurp! and then you think it's better if make it all outlets standardize the menu. Here the guide how to do it.

For Example:

Outlet A = Follow Menu for Outlet C

Outlet B = Follow Menu for Outlet C

Outlet C

1. Login your outlet C to download menu.

Go to Menu > Click on Download Menu button

2. Open file Excel that you have been downloaded just now (file name: edit-menu-bulk.xlsx)

note: dont forget to click Enable Editing

3. We need to clear the id colonm because this id refer to Outlet C, if we did not clear, system will return false once you upload to other outlet. ( Select all the id number and click clear Contant) and save the file

4. We login to outlet A and delete all menu by tick all the menu(in Action Tab) and click on delete menu. Repeat this step until all menu are clear and do the same step for Outlet B

5. You will see like this. 

6. Click on 'Fill in our template and upload it!'. Choose file edit-menu-bulk.xlsx and click upload

  7. Once you done upload, it will show this message

8. Do not forget to Update Settings on iPad and do the itemized printing for all sections in printer

Note: update settings once on date you want apply this new Menu, We are not responsible for anything you client before the right time. Otherwise, you need to Download menu for backup for Outlet A and B before you delete it.

NOTE: Please double confirm with outlet C if got Modifier or Set Menu, you need to do exactly same with outlet C to outlet A and B.

See the tutorial here:

How to add Modifier

How to do Set Menu

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