Question: Hi my cashier printer having some problem. So now it cannot printer anymore. What the temporary solution before I can get new printer?

Answer: Hi, 1st we suggest to you to use any working printer as temporary printer as cashier printer and order printer. Means temporary printer will do 2 works. This tutorial can apply to all conditions. It's up to you.

1. Please move the printer from Kitchen to the front. Note: Make sure you bring with original adapter

2. Plug it well include Cash Drawer Cable

3. Go to Settings SlurpCentral

4. Unlock the icon lock

5. Select the printer as temporary printer

6. Click on the Hybrid (The printer will change from Orange to Purple color)

7. You're done!

8. After printer arrive, the you need to switch back the mode printer from Hybrid to kitchen and place it back to original kitchen place.