You need have those tools:
1. iTunes. Install HERE and install into your laptop/PC

2. iPad Cable

3. iPad with Slurp Central


1. Open your iTunes

2. Connect the iPad with you laptop/PC using iPad Cable. Once you connected, please press Trust on the iPad and Continue on the iTunes

Note: If your iPad is lock, please put the iPad Pin Code to Allow (if you enable it)

3. Uplug the iPad cable and plug in again. You will sea small iPad icon on iTunes. Click on that icon.

4. Click On File Sharing


5. Click at the SlurpCentral icon, then you will see the SlurpCentral Documents

5. We just need 2 documents here, which mean is default.realm and fast.realm. Select both files using Ctrl keyboard.

6. Click Save button and save it properly in New Folder and click Select Folder

7. Open that folder and select those 2 files and compressing in .rar compress file

Click Ok button

8. You will see .rar file and send it to our technical team contacted you. Our technical team will modify the file and will give you next instruction for restoration the database.