1. Connect with Tenda's WiFi network (i.e. Tenda_23D488).

2. Wait until it displays Connected.

3. Open any browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari,etc.) and type the following IP address on the browser: . Then click Next.

4. Insert your WiFi Name and WiFi Password.

    *Note:  Please follow this format for WiFi's Name : getslurp.com-outlet name-2G

                                                              Wifi Password: slurp3215

    Click Next once you have fill in the details.

5. Router will reboot, displaying Rebooting...Please wait .

6. Connect to the Wifi you have just set and insert the password

7. Refresh your browser and Tenda's main page will be displayed.

8. Scroll down and click on Administration. Insert the router password (i.e. slurp3215) and change the LAN IP address to .

    *This is done to connect to the receipt printer later on.

9. Then click OK. The system will reboot.

10. Rebooting....Please wait will be displayed.

11. Refresh the page and login with the password you have saved previously.

12. This IP address must be displayed. The set up for the router is done!