1. Go to Dashboard on Slurp Central 2 and tap on the desired table (i.e. Table 2).

2.  Choose the number of Pax (i.e. 1 person) for the table and tap Done.

3. Select a food item (i.e. Nasi Lemak Istimewa) and tap on the name under the column Current Orders.

4. Tap on "+" under Add Modifiers.

5. Insert the name of the modifier (i.e. less spicy) and enter the amount. Please choose a mode ( Top Up, Deduct or Discount) .

* Note: If there is no amount, just leave it as zero (0).

6. Once a modifier is created, it will appear as a blue tab under Custom. Tab Done.

7. You will see the modifier under the food item name and the amount (i.e. -1.00 since it is set as Deduct).

8. Before Finalising Bill, you'll also be able to see the modifier as well. This will be displayed on the printed receipt.