Note: Available on Central 1 Version 4.6.7 and above

1. Go to Restaurants 

2. Select Modules tab

3. Click Course Control

4. Click on “tap here to add courses”

5. Click Add More.. for put custom courses

6. Click Done once you finish custom the Courses.

7. Click Active to active the Course Control

8. When you click any product, you will see your custom course and click for any custom course on that product.

9.  The docket will come out like this and it separate by Courses

10. If you want fire specific course, click on the table, and click fire button.

11. Select which courses need to be fire on the printer

12. The printer will print like this.

13. You also can see if got star mark, means it delivered already to the kitchen/customer. Note: Click on Star Mark also mean to cancel the order.

Note; If you are not clear about this function, please do not hesitate to call us or drop your ticket HERE