Hi, this is how Slurp! Network works! Below is a representation of a suitable and operational network :

Please make sure that all the printers are connected with getslurp.com Router. Also make sure that the WiFi is connected with getslurp.com Router.

*Note: Whenever you want to add a new printer, please connect it with the getslurp.com Router first.

You might ask, "Can I put getslurp.com Router in the office room?"

Our answer would be, "No." We do not recommend doing this. The iPad is connected using WiFi signal. So if you place the router in the office, it might reduce the quality of signal which would make the printer to print in a much slower speed. 

This case is also applies with another situation: "Okay I put nearby the iPad,but I want to put it in the cabinet. Is it okay?". 

Our answer is definitely, "No!". Based on our experience, almost everyone puts all their devices such as CCTV device, Modem and Internet Router (Unifi and Maxis) inside a cabinet. The environment (inside cabinet) will heat up since the devices generate current and give off heat. This will cause the WiFi signal to be weaker. So if you complain as to why sometimes your devices (phone, iPad,etc.) cannot connect to the WiFi, this is the correct answer to your question.

Question: "I cannot view any sales data on my back end. Why does this happen?"

Answer: Please check your internet connection. For Slurp!, there are 2 terms that you should remember: WiFi and Internet. WiFi means "Signal" and Internet means "access to another world or platform". It doesn't mean that if you can connect to the WiFi, you can get the Internet.  

Click on this link for more info: source

Then, you can try this method to resync the data by clicking on the link: HERE

Question: "Previously the connection was all good. The printer was working well, but why is it that today everything went wrong and there are so many problems?"

Answer: Please check that the WiFi is connected with getslurp.com Router or check your cable. Sometimes, your cable might be damaged and needs to be replaced with a new cable as fast as possible like the image shown below: