1.  DO NOT DELETE SLURP CENTRAL APP; your data will be lost if you do so.
  2.  If you are using the AppStore version, you will need to update it there. (Please skip to step 9 after updating from App Store)


  1. PASTIKAN ANDA TIDAK MEMADAMKAN SLURPCENTRAL, data akan hilang kesemuanya jika buat sedemikian.
  2. Jika anda menggunakan versi app store, sila update di dalam App Store. (Sila ke step 9 selepas update di App Store)

Note: If you are not using the AppStore version please follow the steps below:

Nota: Sekiranya anda tidak menggunakan versi AppStore tolong ikuti langkah-langkah ini:

1. Tap on Central Backup to save your data as backup in Dropbox.

1. Click pada Central Backup untuk memastikan data anda selamat di Dropbox

2. Go to Safari.

2. Buka Safari.

3. Enter the URL : getslurp.com/central . This will allow you to install the updated Slurp Central V1.

3. Masukan URL : getslurp.com/central .  Langkah ini untuk 'Update' Slurp Central V1 yang baharu.

4. Tap on the green button displaying "Tap Here To Download SlurpCentral" . 

4. Click pada button  hijau yang tunjukkan "Tap Here To Download SlurpCentral".

5. A notification for slurpCentral will appear. Just tap Install.

5. Satu pemberitahuan slurpCentral akan ditunjukkan. Click pada Install sahaja.

6. Tap on the Slurp Central V1 app to start installation.

6. Click pada Slurp Central V1 App untuk bermulakan installation.

7. Wait for the Slurp Central V1 to fully load and install in your Ipad.

7. Tunggu Slurp Central V1 untuk habis loading dan install dalam Ipad anda.

8. Once it is fully loaded, the Slurp Central V1 is ready to be used.

9. Selepas sahaja dah habis loading, Slurp Central V1 anda sudah boleh gunakan Slurp Central.

9. Go to a browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, etc.) and enter the URL : cloud.getslurp.com . You will have access to your account in Slurp Cloud V1. Enter your email address and password, and click Sign In.

9. Pergi ke browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, etc.) dan masukkan URL : cloud.getslurp.com . Anda kena
akses account dalam Slurp Cloud V1. Masukkan email address dan password anda, dan click  Sign In.

10. In your Cloud, click on Settings.

10. Dalam Cloud anda, click pada Settings.

11. Under Settings, click on Currency & Taxes.

11. Dalam Settings, click pada Currency & Taxes.

12. Under Currency & Taxes, go to Tax ID under Taxes.

12. Dalam Currency & Taxes, pergi ke Tax ID di bawah Taxes.

Remove the Tax ID and leave the column blank.

Keluarkan/delete Tax ID dan biarkan kosong.

13. Once you are done, click Save.

13. Sebaik sahaja anda dah habis, click pada Save.

14. Go back to Slurp Central V1 app on Ipad and Update Settings.

*Note: Every time you update data in Cloud, please Update Settings in Central.

14. Pergi balik ke Slurp Central V1 app dalam Ipad dan Update Settings.

*Nota: Setiap masa anda update data dalam Cloud, tolong Update Settings dalam Central.

15. Under the Receipt Header, please insert your SST ID, together with outlet name and address.

15. Dalam Receipt Header, masukkan SST ID anda, bersama dengan nama outlet and address.

Result / Hasilnya: