Have you planning to do promotion item like combo set which mean for certain item form Ala Carte will be use as combo?


Promotion for lunch set which combination Noodle X + side dish X + Drinks Y = $

Step 1:

To do so, you need to create the New Tag as Combo and New Menu for Combo Name. Click Add New Menu button to save.

Step 2:

In the Set Lunch Merdeka menu, you need to scroll down until you can see Item Modifier.

Step 3:

Because of your requirement have 3 conditions group need to take the order, so click +Add Modifier Category

Step 4:

Here, you create the name for modifier group and fill the Minimum and Maximum Selection. It's mean maybe Customer may have 3 choice of Noodle but only can select 1. Click Submit button and redo again for the others 2 groups of modifier.

Step 5:

It will look like this.

Step 6:

Click on +Add Item in the 01. Noodle Group to add noodle menu in Noodle Tag. Then select Add Menu Item, Search the Noodle item there. Click Submit button once done. Redo again until you satisfy with the Combo products.

Step 7:

It will look like this once you done setting up the combo menu.

Step 8:

Update settings in SlurpCentral then boom combo set will appear. No worries about printing if 3 groups of tags if you already itemized in the each printer.