Apart from Boost! , there are other various eWallet applications as shown below:

1. Grab Pay

Image result for grabpay logo

2. Honest Bee

Image result for honest bee logo

3. Food Panda

Image result for food panda logo

4. Deliver Eat

Image result for delivery eat logo

5. Fave Pay

Image result for favepay logo

6. Alipay QR

Image result for alipay  logo

7. WeChat Pay

Image result for wechat pay logo

The eWallet applications as shown above are not integrated with our Slurp! Central. It is a separated eWallet application, in which you would need to set up manually.

Follow the steps below to set up other eWallet applications in Slurp! Central:

1. Go to your Slurp! Cloud account and select Payments under Setup. Then click on Create Payment.

2. Insert the eWallet payment type (i.e. GrabPay, HonestBee, FoodPanda, etc.). Under Mode, select Others.

3. The eWallet payment method (i.e. GrabPay, HonestBee, FoodPanda, etc.) that you have created will be displayed after it is saved as shown below.

4. Go to Slurp! Central and tap Update Settings.

5. Place your order and tap Finalize Bill.

6. Select the eWallet payment method that you have created (i.e. GrabPay, HonestBee, FoodPanda, etc.) on the orange-box panel. The name of the payment method will be displayed below the Grand Total. Then tap Check Out.

Note: You must have a strong internet connection.