1. Click on Stock Check.

2. Click on New Stock Check.

3. Select the outlet you wish to do a stock check under Outlet.

4. Click "CREATE".

5. Counted Stock will be displayed , Select stock

6. Choose a stock and insert the quantity under Counter Quantity

   * Variance -/+ will be displayed if Expected Quantity and Counted Quantity are not the same.

7. Click on Add Reason under Variance Reason. 

8. Type Variance Qty


9. Select type of Varian Reason (Stock Sold, Stock Wastage, Stock Damage, Stock Stolen/Loss, Incorrect Counting or Overtopping).

10. Click ADD


11. The variance reason will show , Click Mark Completed .

12. Click Close , the operation was successful.

13. The Stock Check you inserted will be marked as Completed under Status.