Slurp Cloud 2 is a platform where all data, which includes sales, transactions, reports and so forth will be uploaded in real time. This is done so that the owner of a F&B outlet can view and check the status of the outlet from anywhere with access to the internet.

The Slurp Cloud 2 consists of 4 main categories:

  1. Main
  2. Items
  3. Settings
  4. Account

1. Main

The Main category is where all the reports, transactions and sales are displayed. It's also a platform where the owner of an outlet can setup multiple outlets as well.

The Main category consists of 3 subcategories:

  • Dashboard
  • Outlets
  • Reports

Overview of sales, receipts and reports which can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.

Setup one or more outlets.

Displays reports, which can be downloaded in various format (PDF, CSV, XLSX).

  • Snapshot: Displays reports on outlet sales.
  • Transactions: Displays reports on outlet transactions.
  • Voided Sales: Displays reports on voided sales.
  • Taxes: Displays reports on taxable sales.
  • Products: Displays reports on products.
  • Discounts: Displays reports on discount sales.
  • Modifiers: Displays reports on modifiers sales.
  • Drawer Session: Displays reports on drawer sessions.
  • Staff Attendance: Displays reports on staff attendance.
  • Cashflow: Display reports on cash in and cash out.

2. Items

The Items category is where everything relating to the menu of an outlet, which will be shown on Slurp Central 2.

The Items category consist of 4 subcategories:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Modifiers

Items that should be added into the menu of the outlet.

A division of items into a general group(i.e. Food, Beverage, etc.). The products are assigned under a category.

A division of items into a specific group (i.e. Rice, Snacks, etc.). The products are assigned under a tag.

Add-ons that can be added to an item (i.e. extra spicy, no sauce). The products are assigned under a modifier.

3. Settings

The Settings category is where adjustments can me made such as creating staff accounts, creating discounts and so forth.

General setup by creating target sales for an outlet and customizing Slurp Central settings.

Access Control
Setup for staffs and personnel.
  • Outlet Staff: Create staff account by adding name of staff, PIN number, assigning roles and permissions.
  • Users: Create account for users to access Slurp Cloud account.
  • Roles & Permissions: Assign and customize roles and permission for a user account.

Customize Slurp Central such as discount, payment methods and so forth.
  • Devices: Displays info regarding devices used in outlet.
  • Discounts: Setup discounts/deduction in outlet.
  • Payments: Setup payment method (i.e. credit card, voucher, Boost, etc.)
  • Order Layout: Setup the grid layout of menu in Slurp Central.
  • Preset Reasons: Setup reasons to cash in, cash out, void receipts, etc.
  • Pricebook: Create pricebook and assign items to specific outlet when there is more than one outlet.
  • Taxes & Charges: Setup taxes and charges applied in outlet such as service charge and SST.

4. Account

The Account category is where user can change and setup the main user account such as name, contact number, email address and password of Slurp Cloud account if the owner wishes to edit under the subcategory called Profile.