Create Apple ID

Please download our app SlurpCentral using Appstore. But certain user not create yet Apple ID or do not know how to create, so please check this tutorial below:

  1. Go to Settings and click Sign in to your iPad

  1. Click Don’t have an Apple ID or Forgot it?

  1. Click Create Apple ID

  1. Select you Date of birth then click Next (Note: must above 18years old)

  1. Fill in your First Name and Last Name and click Next

  1. Click Use your current email address

  1. Please put you email and remember This will be your new Apple ID then click Next

  1. Please create password and put it again in verify, please make sure you are following what’s they need.  Once done, click Next

  1. Once at this step, you need put 3 Questions and 3 Answers. Please REMEMBER and take note or snap the picture for safety precaution. Click Next

  1. Under Terms and Conditions, Click Agree and click Agree again.

  1. Then Apple will Signing in to iCloud

  1. Then you will receive 3 E-Mails from Apple. Please check it out

  1. Click Verify Email Address then you will receive activation code at your email, please check it

Put this verification code

  1. Then you’re done creating  Apple ID

  1. But we have a few steps before can install App in App Store. Go to iTunes & App Store

  1. Click Sign In

  1. You need put again Email and Password and click Sign In

  1. Click Review

  1. Turn On at Agree to Terms and Conditions and click Next

  1. Please fill in all the blank box and click Next

  1. Click Continue

  1. On search box, you need to type Slurpcentral 2 and click enter on blue button on the keyboard

  1. Click under Slurp Central 2 – Cloud POS and click button Get

  1. Click Install

  1. Please put again your password and click Sign In

  1. Click Done

  1. Make a simple step, just click Always Require

  1. Wait until done and you can see open button to open the Apps

Sign in Via Device Code

Go to Slurp Backoffice, Setup > Click Devices

  1. Select selected outlet need sign in and click it

  1. Follow this Device Code in SlurpCentral

  1.  Open SlurpCentral

  1. Click Allow

  1. Click Setup

  1. Click Got Code?

  1. Put Device code you get at the Slurp Backoffice and click Set Up

  1. Then you will see the Synchronization