Important Note: If the router lost connection for the next day, please turn off and on it back (restart) router to make sure WISP gain the internet from up stream router / ISP 

Q:Why do we choose the Wireless WAN(WISP) mode?

 ASometimes we want the router to be a wireless repeater to the uplink wireless signal. You can achieve this through choose Wireless WAN for the router

 The conncetion structure as follows:

Key points:


The LAN IP address should be in different network segment. For example,if the LAN IP of the uplink router is, you can set the secondary router’s LAN IP as

Steps are as below:

1. Connect with the router by using LAN cable to PC or by using WiFi

2. Login router homepage by typing in the address bar in the web browser.

3. Put the password router to login. Please call Slurp! Support to get the Slurp Tenda Router Login. Call this number: 03 2770 2869 and select channel 2 for Support

4.  Now you can see the error show No Internet with cross mark. So we will teach you if wanna connect by using WISP or Wireless connect.

5. Click on the Wireless Settings and click Wireless Repeating

6. On Wireless Repeating, please click to enable this function

7. Now it is automatic choose WISP Mode and scanning for the other WiFi

8. Choose WiFi in Base Station WiFi Name and put the password and click Save

9. Click OK to reboot. You need to just wait until it's done and make sure iPad connect with the WiFi again.

10.  Then you can see the Internet Status you're connected with the internet!


It will sometimes will lose connection. It is not permanent way. It better if use direct LAN cable. It little worst for who using Slurp! Waiter, Slurp! CDS.